Dr. Wayne Dorband Presents a Brand New Series on EAT - Eco-Friendly Natural Swimming Pools and Ponds  

Say goodbye to chlorine, and all the other harsh chemicals and say hello to a beautiful natural pond pool! Design a natural pool, by using plants for oxygenation and filtration.  

FREE Live Webinar Series On Mondays Monday Aug 20, 2018 at: 6:00 PM MDT  

Dr. Wayne Dorband is the Doctor of Ecolonomics. He is also a serial entrepreneur and passionate about the planet. He has a wealth of knowledge about aquatic ecology and marine ecosystems. In this Series, he will talk about natural pool ecosystems. His other ventures are - Nourish the Planet Instittute of Ecolonomics and WorldWide Aquaculture Come Join our Free LIVE Webinar Sessoins with Dr. Wayne Dorband.......  

This is going to be AWESOME!

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Join The FREE LIVE Webinar with Dr. Wayne Dorband, the Doctor of Ecolonoics! The Webinar Starts in .........


Webinar Time and Date: Monday Aug 20, 2018 at: 6:00 PM MDT. 

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Dr. Wayne Dorband

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